Local Still Matters

It was my pleasure to voice this TV ad for the National Association of Broadcasters, extolling the critical benefits of local broadcasting. Despite my long-held, family-formed misgivings about the current state of local television news, I shudder to imagine what life would be like without our local TV and radio broadcasters.

Even here on Vashon Island, just a stone’s throw from the Seattle metro area, our little community FM enterprise, Voice of Vashon, has carved out a meaningful place in the hearts of our island friends and neighbors. We’re there when ferry service is disrupted or power outages occur after wicked winter storms. We’re there to give voice to the many island non-profits that can only survive if their messages can reach their intended targets. And we’re a crucible of creative expression, with more than 50 original shows reflecting Island Life in 50 unique voices. Local DOES still matter.