Jeff Hoyt is an American voice actor who has built a career off his dead-on impression of American voice actor Jeff Hoyt.

In other words, Jeff can do Jeff better than anyone. And that’s a good thing, because the “Jeff Hoyt read” is what keeps his clients coming back. Natural, real, and conversational in tone, the easy warmth in Jeff’s voice conveys the sense of trust that brands seek.

Whether it’s commercials, web and film narration, audio books or e-learning, Jeff keeps it fun for the client and compelling for the listener. His style has a foundation in storytelling, which Jeff pursues in his spare time on stage, radio and a semi-irregular podcast.

His hermetically-sealed, ISDN-equipped home studio on a bucolic island has all the requisite bells and whistles that allow Jeff to deliver pristine audio on your next project an hour ago.

“Pour some Hoyt voice into your project and you’ll find him smooth and tasty with a clean finish and overtones of expertise, nuance and instinct.”

Ken Boynton
Message Glue

“We sometimes manage 40 recordings at a time in over 20 languages, with tight deadlines and demanding clients. Knowing you can trust the people you work with is priceless. Jeff has shown us job after job, what working with a real professional means.”

Jose Luis Herranz
Soni 2
Madrid, Spain

“Jeff Hoyt is the best every-guy voice of his age.”

Terry MacDonald
Annapolis, MD

“There’s only one Jeff Hoyt. He easily separates himself from the legion of copycat voice robots out there. He’s original, funny, creative and really good at what he does.”

Jonathan Hanst
Boulder, CO

“Working with Jeff is pure joy. Fun, creative, collaborative, inspiring. We laugh, we consider, we debate, and then laugh again. Always, always over-the-top professional results without fail.”

Anne Furey
Boston, MA

“Jeff Hoyt has been an overall extension of our creative department for 30 years.”

Craig Draper
Design Works Group
Wichita Falls, TX